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Highly influenced by people, light, sounds, the sites, and the weather, Dragica’s paintings are timeless vignettes that trigger memories and emotions. The artwork invites the viewer to create stories around the people whose work knowingly or unknowingly impact our lives.

It is about recognizing and celebrating the women and men who build,  create, transform and maintain the unseen or unnoticeable. It is about the people, their stories and how, knowingly or unknowingly, they impact each and everyone of us. It is a behind the scenes look at our communities, villages, towns and cities.

Dragica first studied Illustration at Sheridan College and pursued her arts studies at OCAD, in print making, silk screening and fabric design.
As an artist, Dragica approaches her work as an athlete would in preparation for competition, with discipline and practice. Her work has evolved and taken on a style that is incredibly strong, both emotionally and physically. 

Since returning to painting in 2013, Dragica has been juried into group shows in Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington and Collingwood, invited to participate in plein air excursions, and exhibited in solo shows. In addition, she has been profiled in magazines, newspaper, radio and television. Her work is on display in municipal buildings and is included in private and corporate collections. 

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